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Anthony said:
Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014
Excellent content easy to understand and navigate the site. Well done.
DIANE said:
Tuesday, 13 Nov 2012
Studying ICB Career Path Course with Ideal Schools and have found your site very interesting. Thank you
Campbell said:
Saturday, 13 Oct 2012
Very informative and easily understood
Jack said:
Saturday, 25 Feb 2012
Will comment later thank you
Tina said:
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011
Wonderful site with some very clear and useful information - thank you
Daniel said:
Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
Tax Guide is an interesting atempt to keep orofessionals current. Do you have a tax dictionaryor glossary? It will be an interesting facility to your readers kudos
RISWAN said:
Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011
I was searching for a tax query and found the answer in Tax guide without any further effort. I quickly glanced through the site. It appears excellent. Good Luck to Everyone. Congratulations to the Creators. Riswan
Marcia said:
Monday, 1 Nov 2010
Looking forward to receiving updates. Well done.
Namonye said:
Thursday, 2 Sep 2010
I wish to recieve the monthly newsletter tax guide. Thank You
Priscilla said:
Thursday, 29 Jul 2010
It is a very useful tax guide to me as a student. tnks
Sandra said:
Monday, 14 Jun 2010
Excellent site and very informative.
John said:
Friday, 13 Nov 2009
Useful guide - keep up the good work
Denis said:
Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009
The updated newz make some one aware straight on that thanks
Amanda said:
Friday, 27 Mar 2009
I would like information on how to claim my petrol money back from tax thank you
Fidelis Olarinde said:
Thursday, 11 Dec 2008
I Find your work very interesting and helpful in my academic pursuit. Send me more material on Theory of Taxation please. God bles.
David said:
Friday, 5 Sep 2008
Most impressed with comprehensiveness of your website and its succinct explanations.